12 Pillars - Professional Growth

Professional Growth is important for continued education, and planning for an educators career. To continue to achieve success and meet their goals, ongoing training and practise is necessary to upgrade and improve their knowledge.

The purpose of professional development is to give educators the opportunity to learn and apply new knowledge and skills that can help them in their job and further their career. Professional development is all about building your skill set and knowledge base for your field.
Professional growth isn’t just helpful for the individual, it’s helpful for their fellow educators as they can share knowledge, experiences and skills with one another. By having opportunities to learn, increase skill sets, and stay up-to-date on industry trends, educators and professionals can increase their own worth while also adding to our centre's overall value.

Professional Growth is a valued and vitally important feature of our centre's beliefs. We work to keep a continuous, organic flow of up-skilling, training, training refreshers, in house educator support systems and centre written training manuals that aim to guide and support each and every educator and professional within our education community. Our educational leader is a highly trained and skilled educator who focuses on supporting and guiding each member of our staff to work to the best of their abilities and to constantly be given the chance to learn, develop and reflect on their role and strive for continuous improvement in all areas. Our centre also supports our educators in furthering their education in Early Childhood and we are proud to say we have supported many of our educators to complete their certificates, diplomas and degrees.

Other Early childhood professional developments at Fletcher Early Learning and Montessori includes:

Certificates and courses
In-house training
Distance education and online learning,
Self-directed learning
Work experience
Educator to educator training/ Educational Leader time