Who We Are

Family Owned - Family Values

Fletcher Early Learning Centre and Montessori is a state of the art family run centre which is privately owned by Cameille and Alan Handley.

Unlike other centres that are very profit driven, it has no partners or shareholders involved which means that more money is invested where it should be – back into the high ratio and high calibre of their Educators, resources, surroundings and equipment. This is what sets us apart and why we are able to offer such a high standard of care and education.

Cameille and Alan have two other very high quality Early Learning centres that have been Winners and Finalists in many Awards. They are truly passionate about providing nothing but the very best for the children and staff.

Miss Dominique, Miss Paula and Miss Angela together with the assistance of Miss Katie and Miss Hannah have been at the helm of Fletcher since it’s very first day and are supported by an incredibly talented team of Educators. They are the visionaries and leaders of our centre and work very hard to ensure that we are constantly striving to be a leader in the industry. Together they ensure the provision of innovative and unique programs and experiences that take early learning to a whole new level.