12 Pillars - Creativity

Creative play is one of the most extensive and engaging methods of a child's education and is critical for both their physical and brain development.

When creative learning is woven throughout an early childhood program it offers children the opportunity to be active participants in their learning by fully engaging their bodies, minds and senses.

It helps develop children's creative thinking, inspires curiosity, innovation, independence, encourages the evolution of skills that can be applied throughout a child's entire life. It also promotes language development and active participation-improving gross motor skills, balance and coordination. It creates a safe, open ended space for children to explore-allowing them to build confidence, resilience and positive attitudes without fear of failure. It also encourages children to explore various mathematical and scientific concepts while promoting the freedom to direct their own education, delving deeper into experiences and skills that interest them. We place true value in the process of creativity over the final product as we know this is where the real magic happens.