Food and Nutrition

At Fletcher Early Learning and Montessori we pride ourselves on looking after the wellbeing of our children to the best of our ability.

We design and create our menu’s based upon the Australian Dietary Guidelines as recommended by the NSW Australian Food Authority. Our talented chefs provide a 6 week rotating menu that caters for even the fussiest of eaters including those with specific food allergies, medical needs or stringent cultural or religious requirements.

Mealtimes are used to educate our children about nutrition, manners, socialisation and self-help skills. Regular cooking experiences are also included in our curriculum so that our little ones are able to learn all about the ingredients (including those grown in our garden) and how they nourish and feed our growing bodies.

We at Fletcher Early Learning Centre love to support the local community and use a local butcher and fresh fruit supplier to deliver us with all our delicious and healthy food. This also ensures that we are able to include ingredients with low food map mileage which provide higher quality nutrients.

Our chefs Miss Brydie and Miss Rhiannon are always willing to talk to you about the menu and any ideas that you may have.