Wellbeing Program

Our beautiful yogi Miss Leisa is our ‘Rainbow Kids Yoga’ instructor.

Rainbow Yoga is a unique style of interactive and social yoga, that is specially designed to create new ways to bring children and people together in mind, body and spirit, encouraging the development of stronger connections and spreading love and magic to every corner of our centre, community and world.

In Rainbow yoga we connect with touch, we hug, we dance, we move together. Each class creates a playful space for everybody to feel loved, nurtured and empowered. Children also learn about gratitude and thankfulness. By taking the time to talk about and reflect upon things they’re thankful for children experience more positive emotions, feel inspired, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness and even develop stronger immune systems.

In each yoga class the children are encouraged to use their mind and body through interactive stories. Downward dog isn’t just a pose, it’s a full body role play where the children become the dog and other main characters in different stories directed by Miss Leisa.

Mindfulness is practiced in each session where children use visual interactive exercises that teach them about awareness and control of their breathing and finding calmness in positive ways. Mindfulness is appreciating the moment that we are in as we use our senses, our breathing, expressions and emotions.

Fletcher Early Learning and Montessori is also the creator of the incredible ‘Yog-Art’ and ‘Glo-ga’. YogArt is a combination of art and movement. Where the children become the art and the artist. A full body creative explosion of texture and sensory exploration. GloGa is a magical neon and lights glow in the dark adventure where children can focus on their bodies and spatial awareness in a super fun and exciting space.

It is inspirational watching the children as they practice gratitude, mindfulness and positivity towards their bodies. We are passionate about providing experiences that are unique, engaging and educational.