Ocean World

Ocean World is a space for children to explore their many avenues of learning; through hands on work, connecting with our community garden, and creating a sense of mindfulness toward being an active participator throughout our room and further on. Within Ocean World, we support children’s wellbeing through encouraging a sense of self, recognising that not two children are the same, and facilitating the needs of each child’s learning and development.

Ocean World works to support children through their social and emotional needs, reflecting on the importance of what it means to be a dynamic participator within the child’s own life, not only within ourselves, but within the wider Fletcher Early Learning Centre community. As we explore this concept, children create ideas and understanding of what it means to be kind, grasping this idea from the developing respectful relationships with peers and educators.

Ocean World is a space for children to investigate their different interests through; creative expression, construction and engineering, small group investigation projects, and discovering aspects of children’s imagination.

Ocean World supports children to be kind and respectful toward one another. Emphasising the importance of how what we do and say impacts on those around us, at Fletcher Early Learning we teach the children to actively recognise the different emotions we are feeling, throughout different situations. By doing this, we consistently highlight the point of respectful relationships, as this not only creates empathetic children, but also teaches children kindness and a positive way to approach their every day life. Through this, we are helping to shape confident children, who have the resilience to take risks throughout their lives in the present and future, and find this through intrinsic motivation.