Biraban (3.5 - 6 yrs)

Preschool Montessori Program for Ages 3-6 Years

The 3 to 6-year-old child is undergoing a process of self-construction. Having created the foundations of their personality, three-year-old children arrive in the prepared environment ready to develop and perfect their abilities. They learn best through real-life activities that support independence and self-efficacy; manipulation of objects to provide concrete sensorial experience; and open-ended exploration leading to the refinement of their movements, sensory perceptions, language and the development of their intellect.

The application of the Montessori philosophy and the specifically designed Montessori equipment aids the child's ability to absorb knowledge and continue this path of self-construction. There are four main areas in the pre-school program: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics. Additional areas like Creative Arts, Music, Science, Geography and Cultural Studies are intertwined with the four major areas. There is a mixture of the four areas in all the additional areas in varying proportions. Practical Life activities that develop both independence and social skills; Sensorial activities that refine sensory perception; Language activities that develop Spoken Language, Writing and Reading skills; and Mathematical activities that develop fundamental mathematical concepts; as well as activities that reflect upon our human understanding of geography, history, biology, science, music, and the arts. The trained educators guide the children along this journey, helping them become well-adapted individuals, ready to take a positive, pro-social place in their world.

All members of this expanded community of Biraban thrive through opportunities to follow their own interest, freely choose their own activities, develop their capacity for concentration, and engage at their own pace, developing their emerging powers of reason, imagination, and sociability.

Materials and activities are designed to support self-directed discovery and learning, and so are a perfect match for this developmental stage. They are organised around the directed learning for that age group.

Children aged three to six are sensorial explorers who are constantly building their knowledge of the world by absorbing every aspect of their environment, language, and culture. Our Preschool Education Program caters to the specific needs of this age group by fulfilling their innate desire to learn through direct sensory experiences with self-teaching materials. The focus of the Preschool Program is to prepare children for school and help them develop independence, a strong sense of self, self-motivation, educating for ecological sustainability and a love of learning.

Preschool Program Goals

Gradually the children reveal qualities such as intense concentration, precise movement, a sense of order, self-discipline and respect for others. The atmosphere is positive, supportive and non-competitive, which gives them an obvious joy in 'work'.