Guraki-Creative Studio

The Guraki art and yoga studio is an innovative space where the children are able to explore, investigate, interpret and be. They are able to explore experiences with freedom and choice while working independently or as part of a group of peers. 

Through the use of multiple intelligences, the educators are able to help the children grow to their full potential by tailoring the program to suit their natural abilities and interests. This allows the child to develop their sense of self-empowerment and self-worth, along with providing them with the ability to explore and develop their passion for learning. The seven senses are at the core of all experiences and learning.

The children have also been exploring their ability to be sustainable within their environments. This aids and develops their multiple intelligence's as sustainability is formed from three pillars: economical, environmental and social, allowing the children to grow and develop from the inside out. This sees the children developing self love, mental health, intrinsic motivation, being sustainable within our selves and displaying respect for our resources. Educating children to innately do good for others without expecting a reward in return.

Throughout this focus we build confident, excited and exceptional human beings who build a love for the world. In turn, these children then want to be active learners who are able to investigate, grow and understand that they will want to learn in the environment and independently do so.



We are creating a community of love, respect, self-worth, active learners, resilience, independence, and success. We all engage in an environment where the children's needs for attention, approval and affection are supported but most importantly where the children's thoughts, ideas, interests and practices are embedded in our environment.