Fletcher Early Learning Centre Program

Did you know that the basis for 90% of a person’s beliefs will be formed by the time they are aged six?! That is a huge responsibility for a parent and carer and our programme promises to keep this in mind throughout everything we do. We also specialise in school readiness phonics.

Our programme is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and consists of a balance of free play, routines and Teacher directed activities which include music, art, dramatic play, science, language, literature, outdoor activities, cooking, maths and nature. The programme  provides for predictability in the day in order to get our children ready for a structured school environment but is also flexible enough to provide for changing children’s interests, needs and emerging skills. The programme is built to allow for spontaneity in following the children’s interests and an embracing of the unexpected.

Our programme considers the physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional needs of our children. Portfolios are developed on each individual child which incorporate recorded observations, photos and artwork which depict their different stages of development and interests.  Recommendations for individual and group programme planning are made from these. Developmental reports are available online for parents to view at any time which gives them a broad overview of their child’s development.

 We actively promote respect for diversity and appreciation of the riches it can bring. Our Cultural leader works with educators, families and the children to help create strong connections and embed Aboriginal perspectives into each room's educational program.

We encourage social development by providing opportunities for sharing, taking turns, making friends, resolving conflicts, problem solving, helping others, team work and building self esteem.