Garden Bugs

Toddlers - 2 - 3 years

In the Garden Bugs room the children feel a sense of belonging through their environment. We provide a program that embeds culture and diversity, where the children can learn about the world around them and find their self identity. We understand how children are curious individuals and learn from their own interests and sense of wonder. In the Garden Bugs room we value the children as strong, capable and resilient; rich with wonder and knowledge. Our educational program follows the innate curiosity of the children and works to assisting them with understanding their world and who they are in it. 

Learning opportunities are accessible for children to become independent through experiences they have initiated, creating an environment made up from their own interests. An environment that is rich in nature and creativity, enabling open ended experiences to occur and creating social interactions as well as having a sense of imagination.

Progressive meal times are made fun by spending time with peers and educators, tasting and learning more about the food we eat. Opportunities are provided for the children to cook their own food and observe the process of cooking food all the way to self-serving. Along the way the children are also learning all about hygiene. Please come along and meet us in Garden Bugs where you will want to explore grow and learn!