Montessori Campus

Fletcher Early Learning and Montessori is the only early learning centre to have two adjoining campuses offering families a choice of two philosophies for their child:  A Montessori learning environment and a traditional early learning environment.

Our Montessori Campus

Everything about our Montessori classrooms foster independence and a sense of responsibility and purpose. Our carefully planned setting allows children to discover and to manifest a passion for learning, investigation and exploration.

Our Montessori environment is carefully prepared to allow each child to do for themselves what in other settings an adult would often do for them. It is here that one can watch a three year old sweeping the floor with a child-sized broom or washing the dishes at a sink custom made to just their height. The children are given the responsibility of serving their own meals at a time when they are hungry and even have their own mini dishwashers.

Children are empowered to realise that they have the intelligence and ability to do things independently. At Fletcher Montessori, an abundance of sustainable, living and natural materials are provided for the children to explore and therefore support their own learning. The materials are carefully chosen with a focus on each child’s developmental level and their individual interests. The materials promote self-correction in order that children may learn to identify a mistake  without having an adult point it out. This then leads to a higher order of thinking.

Children in a Montessori setting are taught to feel a sense of importance and accomplishment by being allowed to build upon their educational journey at their own pace. There are no time limits for the child. They may work with whatever they choose for as long as they like. Dr Maria Montessori observed that this unfettered period of time was imperative for the children to develop a high level of concentration.

In our Montessori classroom, our Educators are “guides” that are there to FACILITATE the learning experience, rather than to assist the children to deliver upon pre-determined outcomes. Our Montessori Educators take the lead from the children in the classroom, ensure that ground rules are followed and encourage children to perform tasks at their own pace.

Educators do not determine the pace of the classroom – that is strictly up to each individual child. Educators strive to remain as unobtrusive as possible. Mixed age grouping throughout the day allows for the children to develop socially, intellectually and emotionally. The younger children learn from watching and emulating the older children and the older ones gain a sense of achievement, independence and responsibility by helping the younger ones.

Children feel a sense of peace and tranquillity by submerging their inner self within the extensive surrounds, specifically designed to manifest a passion for learning, investigation and exploration. The classroom aesthetics reflect calm and natural colours as they flow harmoniously into a specifically designed landscape that merges the outside area with the inner educational environment.

With our Educational Leader having studied best Montessori practice on an international field trip to Italy, we have been working hard to ensure that the Montessori experience at our centre will be sure to exceed your expectations.

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