Pippita (0-2yrs)

The Pippita room is created specifically for babies and infants from 6 weeks to 24 months, an environment that has been thoughtfully prepared for babies and infants  to inspire wonder, curiosity, exploration and independence. The Montessori classroom is purposeful and designed to promote your child's growth in all areas of development as well as their psychomotor, fine motor, social and language skills.

The Montessori classroom for infants accomodates non-mobile infants as well as those that are crawling and walking in a peaceful, spacious and natural environment. Allowing them to safely explore and feel secure with the support and guidance of compassionate and caring educators. All furniture in the room is specifically designed to support and encourage each child's independence such as bars for pulling up, mirrors to reflect body movements and facial expressions, child sized tables and chairs as well as Montessori designed learning materials.

Our trained Montessori educators aim to create family partnerships that will nurture and support each child’s unique learning opportunities as they form their intelligence and personality. Furniture, a sleeping room, and materials used in the Infant Program have been carefully selected to fulfil the needs of the quickly changing infant. It lays the foundation for life, as the first two years are the most fundamental for children and their potential.

Program goals

This program provides planned, individualised developmental activities which develop the child’s:

This is achieved through continuity of activities to follow their routine that lays the foundation of language, movement, order and perception. We provide age appropriate, real life practical and sensory experiences to foster the development of life skills.

“The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his/her own experiences.” – Maria Montessori